Epilepsy Facts

  • An estimated 65,000,000 people worldwide suffer from Epilepsy
    ...More than the entire population of the UK
  • Over 500,000 people in the UK have epilepsy
  • There are 3 Epilepsy related deaths every day in the UK
  • SUDEP - accounts for more deaths than the combined fatality rates of Cot Deaths and Aids
  • Epilepsy is a condition, not a disease - you can't catch it
  • People with Epilepsy have a risk of premature death that is 3 times greater than the general population
  • There is currently NO cure for Epilepsy
  • Epilepsy does not discriminate - it can affect anyone, at any time, at any place

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Memories of Lee

"12th December 2010 was the day that changed our lives forever. Lee was taken from us with out warning, suddenly our world collapsed around us. We have, however, taken great strength from the fantastic memories that can never be taken away. We'd love you to share memories of Lee that you have with visitors to our site - please enter them here. A smile costs nothing, but the memory of it lasts forever............"

Simon, Vicky & Becky

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